The ACMP Vancouver has been a local chapter for almost 5 years bringing our change professionals together to connect and share their knowledge. As the chapter grows and evolves, the Board recognizes that our events and activities need to as well. For 2018 we will be trying out a few new ways to better serve our members. We will host events targeted at different levels of experience as well as formats to help you engage. Throughout 2018 you can expect the “change chats” to continue the intimate group dialogue on specific topics as well as our energizing Summer and Winter Socials to continue the networking aspect. We will also offer some new sessions to explore different change & tech related tools (“Tool Time”) and relevant change presentations such as Ted Talks or webinar discussions (“Movie Time”).

Finally, to connect our change partners, vendors and stakeholders to our Chapter, we will host panel discussions to share our knowledge and nurture the relationships that support our careers. If you are interested in supporting any of these events via a sub-committee or co-lead role please let us know. Looking forward to seeing you all more in 2018!