Mission: We are dedicated to advancing the discipline and profession of change management, while supporting our members in developing individual and organizational change capabilities.


  • Increase knowledge of change management (CM)
  • Deepen connections and networks with other CM practitioners
  • Promote value proposition of ACMP Greater Vancouver
  • Partner with education, business and other organizations
  • Maintain and improve Chapter operations

The Greater Vancouver Chapter was started in 2013 by a group of Vancouver-area change management practitioners. Currently we have over 140 members from a variety of industries including health, education, finance, utilities, retail, and IT. Chapter members range from new, intermediate and advanced. We host educational and networking events that target all member levels, or are specific to an experience level.

Across Canada there are chapters in Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba.


ACMP Board - Grace McKeown

Welcome to the ACMP Greater Vancouver Chapter!

I am proud to announce that our Chapter turned 10 years old on May 30, 2023! This is a significant achievement that reflects the strength of our local change community.

The key to our Chapter’s success lies in the commitment of a devoted group of members who have volunteered for roles on the Board since its inception in 2013. The Board not only ensures the governance and stewardship responsibilities are met but true to the best practices of a change professional, the Board routinely assesses the “stakeholders” (i.e. our membership) and strives to ensure that members feel that they are getting value for their money.

The value of being part of a local chapter are the opportunities to meet one of our goals to deepen our connections and networks with other change practitioners in our local community. The members of our chapter represent a diverse number of sectors, organizations, projects, and levels of experience. We want to support our members by creating opportunities where they can share their experiences and ideas to not only strengthen their own practices but also help their organizations build their change management maturity.

Here’s to another decade of growth, collaboration, and excellence within the ACMP Greater Vancouver Chapter!