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On April 19 Kate Degon, Founder and CEO of ChangeSync gave a presentation on the topic “Organizational Change Design”. She defined “Organizational Change Design™ “as the process of creating a strategic plan to develop the change infrastructure and capabilities that enable successful transformations. It involves careful evaluation and orchestration of elements such as organizational resources, technology, culture, processes, and more; all of which work together to create an effective change design infrastructure capable of adapting to the ever evolving landscape and pace of change”. Simply put, we were challenged to think about how our internal change teams are designed, how we support our organizations, and to consider, “What does the future state of your change team look like?”

We discussed three common models for change teams (see visual A) . The first model is where change management (CM) resources are brought onto individual ad hoc projects; the second model is described as Organizational Change Management (OCM) where change management is assigned to many/all projects across the organization; the final model is Enterprise Change Management (ECM) defined as projects being grouped into portfolios and project/change data is gathered centrally and shared between the portfolios.

Visual A

change management models

Kate also described the three ways that change resources can be organized and the pros and cons of each option (see Visual B).

Visual B

infrastructure design options

I had invited Kate to present to our Chapter as I had visited the ChangeSync vendor booth at the ACMP San Diego Global conference and was keen to learn more about CM software. What I learned from her session is that change software is a key piece of infrastructure in an enterprise change management model as it can capture data on all your change projects allowing you to produce various types of reports that will provide insights on the type, volume, and impacts of change across the organization. Having this type of information can help your organization make better decision about the type of projects and when they will be implemented to avoid collision of projects and change fatigue on staff.

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