President – Felicia Granger – Term 2021 to 2023

ACMP board - Felicia Granger

Felicia currently leads the People Experience portfolio, including change management advisory, onboarding, and recognition teams in People + Culture at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). Her team supports building change capabilities and providing change advisory and support to large scale initiatives contributing to the transformation of health care delivery for exceptional care and making a great workplace.

Felicia’s change management experience spans from business transformation, ECM strategy, technology programs, culture projects with teams to strategic HR program redesign. Felicia is Prosci certified, and holds an MBA in Strategic management and consulting from Sauder School of Business at UBC and a BBA from Simon Fraser University. Prior to joining VCH, she worked for Kodak and Creo.

Felicia’s passion is mentoring and developing talent, and she dedicates time to improve practices of change management through hosting workshops, 1:1 consultations, and contributing to communities of practice.

Vice President – Deirdre Brown – Term 2020 to 2022

ACMP board - Deirdre Brown

Deirdre has been an active member of the ACMP Greater Vancouver Chapter since 2014 and is a current member of the Advanced Practitioner Engagement Committee. Deirdre has supported a number of Chapter initiatives including advising on the development of the UBC Change Management program last year and is eager to continue supporting the priorities and goals of the Chapter and the members in the coming year. Deirdre is a Prosci certificate change practitioner with 9+ years’ experience.

Treasurer – Annie Smith – Term 2021 to 2023

ACMP board - Annie Smith

Annie has worked in project management, change management, and strategy for over a decade, leading large-scale, multi-stakeholder initiatives. She enjoys supporting and coaching leaders and their staff to discover and build their change management capacity and capabilities.
Annie has been Prosci certified since 2012, joined ACMP in 2018, and earned her CCMP designation in 2019.

Secretary – Lindsay MacDonald – Term 2020 to 2022

Lindsay has been working in the field of change management for over 20 years, mainly in the public sector. She has experience as both an internal and external consultant, working on large scale change initiatives in both a change management and project management capacity.

Lindsay is keen to help others learn about change management and enjoys supporting leaders further develop their capability to lead their teams in times of change. Lindsay enjoys volunteering for ACMP Vancouver as the Chapter has a strong focus on professional learning, growth and development.
Lindsay has been Prosci certified since 2011 and also holds a CCMP designation.

Director – John Boylan– Term 2021 to 2023

ACMP board - John Boylan

John’s journey into change management started in 2018 in the post-secondary environment, where he has worked for the past 25 years. Currently, he is the lead of the institution’s Student Information System Program. John is both Prosci (2019) and CCMP certified (2021). He holds a Master’s of Educational Leadership & Student Affairs, a BC Provincial Instructor’s Diploma, and LEAN Greenbelt. John has participated in numerous ACMP activities such as the Pilot Mentorship Program and the Lean Change workshops. John’s previous volunteer activities include being the former president of two not-for-profit associations (CASFAA –3 years)(ASAP BC– 4 years), and a policy advisor to the Canada Student Loans Program.

John’s passion is building relationships and empowering others to grow in their own personal and/or professional journey. He is grateful for the learning ACMP has provided him and now wishes to give back and serve the change management community that he so values.

Director – Wendy Feng– Term 2021 to 2023

ACMP board - Wendy Feng

Wendy is a change management practitioner with over 5 years of experience in Change Management and Organizational Development. She has been involved in a few change management roles for business process and ERP implementation projects. Wendy is a Prosci certified change management practitioner and a CCMP™ candidate.

Wendy is interested in supporting the ACMP Vancouver members, especially the junior to intermediate change practitioners. She is grateful for all the support she has received from the members of the chapter in the past and is looking forward to giving back to the community. She wants to add a voice for the local junior and intermediate change practitioners on the board.

As an active member of the chapter, Wendy attends ACMP’s events regularly and has been a member of the chapter’s Communications Committee for almost 2 years. She has also involved in the development of the mentorship piloting program.

Director – Becky Querido – Term 2022 to 2024

Becky is founder, consultant and coach at Querida Collective, a grassroots people development company that works with leaders at all levels to activate their agency, disrupt the status quo, and renovate their workplaces. She has been a practitioner of change management since 2008 and dedicated to full-time roles in the profession since 2015. She values connection, clarity, sustainability, and challenge and expresses these values through a dedicated practice of nurturing learning in others, facilitating transformation, and creating sustainable change solutions. She is passionate about building partnerships and strengthening connections to improve the opportunities available to ACMP members. She has been a PMP since 2015 and is keen to strengthen the relationships between project managers and change practitioners. Becky stays involved in both the PMI and ACMP local chapters by participating in their mentorship programs and contributing to workshops and learning opportunities. Using her experience in leadership development, she is keen to enhance the learning opportunities available to ACMP members.