The ACMP Vancouver Board held their strategic planning sessions and identified goals and plans for 2024. The planning started with a look back at 2023 and lessons learned: what went well, what didn’t go well, and what can be improved.

What went well? The Board was proud of the commitment they collectively made and contributed to maintaining the operations of our Chapter. The social was successful as well as other events that were held including the AGM and guest speaker.

What didn’t go well? The Board was concerned that member participation was dwindling and it was a challenge to recruit new board members for the vacant positions.

What can be improved? The discussion focussed on one of our Chapter goals regarding the “value proposition” for our members. We believe that the value of a local chapter is our ability to hold in person events that help foster networks and relationships. Our most successful events are our in person events where members are given the opportunity to meet their colleagues, share their experiences and challenges, and simply have conversations with someone “who understands me and my world of change management”! We recognized that a local chapter’s value proposition is the ability to foster local relationships and human connections.

We also focussed on low effort and high reward events. We agreed that delivering presentations and workshops was high effort and when less than 20 members attend, are we achieving high rewards? We recognized that there are many online educational opportunities available through ACMP Global, change management educational providers and vendors. Perhaps the value add is promoting select learning opportunities and then create a debrief session where we could discuss the topic more deeply to help integrate learnings.

We also explored the emerging trends in our industry and profession and discussed what we can do locally to help expand our knowledge and also influence how our profession changes and grows.

I am excited to see what we will create this year and hope that as members you experience the value of ACMP and our local chapter.