In March the ACMP’s Greater Vancouver Chapter welcomed Alex Wray from the Wray Group to share his firm’s insight and successes working with leaders to Change from the Inside Out. He believes that “The science of habit change offers a powerful solution to transform performance in the areas that matter most.”

His Presentation
 Alex elaborated on this belief as he shared with us the story of Joe, a front line manager at a local company which was undergoing a state of the art transformation of their operations. To keep up with the needs of this change, the leaders who most shaped the culture were selected to support it…from the inside out. They had to transform the culture from confrontation (“us versus them”) to collaborative between the front line employees and management, something that wasn’t historically part of their DNA.

Alex shared a great video on the neuroscience of change…the story of what goes on in our heads in times of change that trigger us to go “below the line” and keeps us from being at our “above the line” collaborative best. He then went on to share the Immunity to Change model (from Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey) that he applied with Joe and other leaders to achieve the personal change in mindset that was needed to shift the culture.  The model is described in an article by the same name, Change from the Inside Out.

End Result
The goal of working through this model is to:

  • identify desired behaviors to lead change from “above the line”, 
  • your triggers that take you “below the line”, and 
  • to discover how to find choice and possibility where previously you’d just react blindly. 

We can make the choice to stay “above the line” in our behaviours if we take the time to truly understand our mindset and thinking that is going on behind the scenes.

Learn More
To learn more, you can watch a video of Alex presenting the similar content at the 2016 HRMA Conference (password egnahc) and check out Alex’s article Changing from the Inside Out.

Alex has also offered to repeat this same presentation to our member organizations if there is an interest in learning to Change from the Inside Out.  For more information Alex can be reached at or at