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Andrew Horlick

Tell us about yourself.
I’m the Principal Consultant with Navigo Consulting & Coaching. My passion is helping organizations develop the capability of their people, including senior leaders, managers, employees and internal change practitioners, to successfully implement, adopt and use the changes necessary to sustain their businesses. Navigo is a member of Prosci’s Global Affiliate Network and I deliver Prosci’s suite of change management programs to organizations across Canada. I also provide change management coaching for practitioners, leadership effectiveness coaching for senior leaders and I continue do some change-related consulting work.

How did you get into Change Management?
Early in my career, in the 1980’s, I was working as an engineer with Ontario Hydro. I quickly realized that I enjoyed working with people more than machinery. As a first step in shifting my career, I attended a program delivered by the company’s Organizational Effectiveness Department on facilitation and instructional skills. I was hooked by this initial learning experience and was able to get transferred into the OE Department. I began learning about and developing my skills in management consulting and implementing change while working with internal clients. At the time, change management was poorly defined, the need for the discipline was not well understood and I initially felt like I was enrolled in the “School of Hard Knocks”. Fortunately, I’ve had many opportunities over the subsequent years to work with and learn from highly skilled senior leaders and consultants, as well as obtain formal training from experts such as Warner Burke, Daryl Conner, and Dean Anderson. It is amazing to see how far the discipline of change management has advanced over the last thirty years.
What are you working on?
This summer and fall, I’m delivering change management training programs for companies in a wide range of service sectors, including forest products, healthcare and workplace safety. The objective of these particular programs is to enable the participants to begin developing the skills to effectively lead change initiatives. I’m also coaching a number of individual clients, including a change practitioner leading her first change initiative, a plant manager working to improve his leadership effectiveness and a senior leader who is dealing with the challenges of a rapidly growing business.
Do you have any recommended change management books / resources to share?
I enjoy reading Gail Severini’s Blog, The Change Whisperer ( Even though Daryl Conner is no longer actively blogging, I continue to find value in his archive of more than 200 individual posts ( Also, although I’m biased, I’d like to acknowledge the writings and webinars from Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer, Tim Creasey (
How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
I enjoy spending time with my wife, staying connected with our four grown children and walking our two dogs. I also like to cycle and hike in the Lower Mainland and surrounding area.