We are excited to share the outcome of the first-ever joint event hosted by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). This event, held online on October 11, 2023, brought together professionals from the fields of change management and project management for a meaningful discussion on the intersections of their practices. The event surpassed our expectations, highlighting the importance of our partnership in supporting the growth and capabilities of our members.

Prior to this event, board members and dedicated volunteers from both ACMP and PMI came together to discuss the shared benefits of our collaboration. It was clear that there was a genuine interest in learning from each other’s practices, a sentiment that was echoed by our members at the event. The event was well attended with registration for the event reading maximum capacity within just one week of registration opening.

The event was structured in a café-style format, allowing participants to explore various topics related to the two disciplines, including comparing the skills and strengths of Project Management and Change Management, co-designing Complementary Practices, and exploring tensions Between Technical Readiness and People Readiness.

Becky Querido, ACMP co-host, expressed her delight in the collaborative spirit of the event, saying, “It was great to see so many people who share an interest in learning more about the crossroads of PM and CM. Since I joined both associations years ago, it has been a dream of mine to create more opportunities to learn and grow from each other’s practices. I was excited to see that dream come to fruition and to jump into different conversations with other PM/CM professionals to explore their struggles, experiences, and insights.”

PMI co-host Murilo stated, “The partnership between PMI CWCC and ACMP was a remarkable exploration of shared visions. Bringing together a variety of professionals, the discussions highlighted the essence of projects: that each one is a journey of change and transformation. This collaboration was not just an event, but an experience, revealing insights we can uncover when we work together.”

The success of this inaugural event has sparked interest among participants to continue holding joint events that further explore change management and project management best practices. We look forward to sharing case studies, applications in different industries, insights into the post-pandemic landscape, and deeper explorations into the intersections of roles between project managers, change managers, and business analysts. Be assured that more exciting collaborations and opportunities await us in the coming year!

We extend our gratitude to all those who made the event possible, including the dedicated volunteers, enthusiastic participants, and the supportive ACMP and PMI communities.