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Agustin Del Vento

Tell us about yourself
I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and passionate about helping organizations and their people manage change. Almost 3 years ago, I founded Change Champions Consulting Inc., a firm specialized in change management and I’m proud to see how much it has grown and continues to grow in the Vancouver market. I have a Canadian wife, a Canadian son, and an Argentine street dog. I barbeque when it’s raining and love having friends over to show off my grilling skills.
How did you get into Change Management?
The truth is I got into change management without even knowing what it was! After finishing my Master’s degree in Psychology at UVic, I returned to Argentina to work in consulting. Soon after, I was recruited by Accenture where I was first introduced to this profession. My first assignment was a large ERP implementation with several regional roll outs across the world; very cool experience. Later on, while in another ERP project, the opportunity to return to Canada presented itself and here I am.
What are you working on?
I’m currently splitting my days between expanding Change Champions Consulting, facilitating change management workshops, consulting, and coaching. My passion for what I do grows as I discover the opportunities that exist out there for people interested in what we do and how much need there is for it.
Do you have any recommended change management books / resources to share?
I’ve been a bit disillusioned about change management books, quite honestly. I like Conner’s work (Managing at the Speed of Change); however, that’s kind of a classic. I’m not into books or methodologies that describe change management as something that needs be “done” to people (e.g., manage their resistance). Instead, I think of change management as a way of being that is more conducive to influencing change coupled by a rigors methodology.
How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
Besides thinking about work J, I’m member of the Jericho beach canoe club where I practice outrigger canoe, I love road biking, and tennis. I travel with my family often and we love going on hikes and enjoy the Vancouver dining scene.