Getting Your CCMP™ – A Personal Challenge is Around the Corner

Summer is here… and your thirst for knowledge awaits…

For new and seasoned practitioners alike, are you interested in expanding your understanding the world of change management, and its application, from the collective expertise of an international task force of many practitioners from around the globe who developed a standard approach? Well, worry no more as the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Global have developed The Standard to assist you. This document will walk you through the five change management process groups and guide you through the change journey as you move your organization, and the individuals within, from the current state to the future state to realize the expected benefits you are seeking.

But don’t stop there…

You are encouraged to challenge yourself as you continue to learn or refresh yourself on the concepts you need to know for the CCMP™ Exam. Having a CCMP™ certification not only offers career benefits, it also improves one’s ability to actually execute and manage change projects, and can generate a positive return for both you and your organization [1].

to support you in this learning journey, ACMP Global has provided an array of study tools, such as:

  1. CCMP™ Handbook
  2. CCMP™ Test Specifications
  3. ACMP Code of Ethics
  4. ACMP Standard
  5. CCMP™ flash cards

In addition, ACMP Vancouver offers a study group for those who like the experience of collective sharing and reviewing existing knowledge in preparation for the exam. We are here to support you so please take advantage of this opportunity, should you choose. Wishing you all a wonderful summer ahead…and if you are feeling thirsty and curious about starting your CCMP™ Exam journey, please contact me at

John Boylan

Director – Memberships, ACMP Greater Vancouver Chapter

[1] Is a CCMP Certification Worth the Investment? ( June 22 2022