To fill the open 2020/2021 Board positions, the Board of Directors appointed a Nominating Committee to identify qualified and interested candidates. Through newsletter, email and conversation, the committee sought candidates that we feel will serve our members well during the two-year term. These candidates will be presented for confirmation at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 3rd, 2020.


Deirdre Brown

Deirdre has been an active member of the ACMP Greater Vancouver Chapter since 2014 and is a current member of the Advanced Practitioner Engagement Committee. Deirdre has supported a number of Chapter initiatives including advising on the development of the UBC Change Management program last year and is eager to continue supporting the priorities and goals of the Chapter and the members in the coming year. Deirdre is a Prosci certificate change practitioner with 9+ years’ experience.






Lindsay MacDonald

Lindsay has been working in the world of change management for more than 15 years, mainly in the public sector. She has experience as both an internal and external consultant. During her time as a member of ACMP Vancouver Lindsay has been a regular attendee at chapter events and has been involved with the new members group, organizing both social events and webinars.  Lindsay is interested in joining the Board so that she is able to formally contribute to the work of the chapter in growing the practice of change management across the region and supporting practitioners in making connections with each other.







Val Johnson

Valerie has been Vice President of the Vancouver Chapter since 2016 and has enjoyed the opportunity to support the growth of ACMP, both at the chapter level and involvement in the Chapter Leader Forum at the global level. She looks forward to working with the ACMP Greater Vancouver Chapter Board to further grow and develop the chapter and advance the Board’s member engagement strategy focused on bringing value to the Chapter’s members. Professionally, she is a CCMP and Prosci certified Senior Change Management Consultant with over 25 years experience.






Felicia Granger

Felicia has been the Director of Memberships since 2019 and has enjoyed exploring new ways to enhance our local offerings for our members. She is interested in continuing to serve our ACMP Greater Vancouver members through trying out new opportunities to bring our members together to learn, connect and enhance our change practices and the profession. Felicia is a PROSCI certified change practitioner who currently leads the Change Advisory and Recognition teams in People + Culture at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH).