Virtual Change Chat: Prosci Webinar – Roles in Change Management on June 12, 2019



A virtual “change chat” session was held on June 12 to discuss the Prosci webinar:  Roles in Change Management.  The meeting was hosted utilizing ZOOM meetings.  Participants were invited to turn on their cameras to create the environment of an in person meeting. 



The webinar identified the employee-facing and enabling roles.  Employee-facing roles include:  Executive & Senior Leaders, Middle Managers & Supervisors, and Front-Line.  Enabling roles include: Change Resource Team, Project Team, Project SMEs and support.



Our change chat focused on the Executive & Senior Leaders and Middle Managers & Supervisors.   The following topics were discussed:



  1. ABCs of Sponsorship and asked participants to share their experience and questions.


  • A = Active and visible participation throughout the project
  • B = Build a coalition of sponsorship
  • C = Communicated directly with employees.



  1. Middle managers and supervisors can be “caught in the middle” in times of change.  We discussed the phrase, “Put your oxygen mask on first before you help others”.


    • What does this mean?
    • How have you helped your middle managers and supervisors do this?




The following polls were conducted during the meeting:


Overall the ZOOM virtual change chat was effective and 100% of the participants indicated that they would be interested in future sessions like this!

To review the PROSCI webinar discussed during this talk – see the PROSCI website here.

Thank you to all who joined us!

From the New/Intermediate Chapter Membership Team.