ACMP Conversations with Change Practitioners

Conversations with Change Practitioners: January 14th, 2022

Changes are as unique as snowflakes – no two changes are the same. Our approach needs to adapt to the unique circumstances of the change. Some changes benefit from great structure and planning, others benefit by being held more freely, offering opportunity for experimentation and adaptation. Using a tool from The Group for Organizational Effectiveness, we assess a change to determine the right mix of planned vs. adaptive activities in your change effort. Together, we will establish terminology that is helpful in distinguishing types of change, discuss the prevalence of adaptive changes and brainstorm adaptive change techniques and tactics.

Date & Time: January 14th, 2022; 8am – 9am (Join at 7:45am for informal networking)

Host: Lisa Kempton

Registration: The Conversation with Change Practitioners series is a “member only” event. Invitations for these events will be sent directly from the ACMP Greater Vancouver email to Vancouver Chapter members.