The results are in!

In February 2021 we were excited to start our pilot Mentorship Program, providing opportunities for ACMP Vancouver emerging practitioners with 3-5 years experience to learn from experienced practitioners through a formal mentorship program. Fast forward to September 2021 and we are happy to share that we had some great feedback about the program. In fact, all the mentees said that they would recommend this program to another emerging practitioner!

Thanks to the work of Steve Doherty, who approached the Board with the suggestion of starting a mentorship program, we launched a pilot program with 3 mentors and 4 mentees. Each pairing met for a period of 6 months, with individual teams meeting at intervals that worked best for them. Some people met weekly, others every other week. On average the mentors and mentees invested 3-4 hours a month to allow them to get the most from the program.

Mentees appreciated the valuable advice, the resources and the safe and welcoming space that was created for the discussion that occurred. Mentors appreciated the opportunity to work with a relatively new change practitioner who is passionate about the discipline and also took the opportunity to learn from the mentees. All participants agreed that the relationships between mentors and mentees were excellent.

This pilot was an important step for the Vancouver Chapter. It supported the Chapter evolution through providing a platform to deepen connections and build networks amongst change management practitioners.

We are excited to share that we will be continuing the mentorship program! We are very grateful to the honest feedback from both our mentors and mentees which helped us to identify a few improvements that we can make to create an even better experience.

Steve shared some of his thoughts on the program ‘”For me personally, I believe it’s important to give back to our profession. The Pilot was a fun and rewarding and I’m excited that the mentorship approach will continue…it’s good for the Chapter, mentees and mentors”.

A new cohort will start in January 2022, with applications being accepted in Fall 2021. We will be also be looking for additional mentors to support the mentees. If you are interested in bring a mentor please drop us a line at

Further information will be shared in upcoming newsletters so stay tuned…