ACMP Global Conference 2018, Las Vegas

This past March, ACMP Global hosted their annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those unable to attend, we asked a few of our Vancouver Chapter members to share some key insights from this exceptional opportunity.

ACMP Member: Andrew Horlick 
Most memorable session: Effectively Sponsor Transformation – What it Takes
Presented by: Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson and Dr. Dean Anderson, Being First

This was my sixth ACMP Global Conference. Drawing on past experiences, I typically choose sessions based on the presenter(s). Over the years I’ve attended several sessions delivered by Linda and Dean and they are two of my favourite change experts. They have a wealth of experience advising organizations how to successfully implement transformative changes, have written extensively on the subject and are very generous in sharing their knowledge with change practitioners. In this session, they explained the role executive sponsors should play in transformation change.

My key takeaway was that many of the change initiatives that organizations label as “transformations” are not actually transformative changes. Linda explained that transformational change is the least understood and most complex type of change facing organizations. She defined transformation as “the radical shift from one state of being to another, so significant that it requires a shift of culture, behaviour and mindset to implement successfully and sustain over time.” If you’re interested in learning more, you can access an excellent article on the Being First website, “What is Transformation, and Why is it so Hard to Manage?” 

ACMP Member: Corina St Jacques
Most memorable session: Old Habits Die Hard: A Framework and Case Study
Presented by: Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson and Dr. Dean Anderson, Being First

My key takeaway from the conference was that people come to change management from so many different backgrounds. While HR, Training, Communications, IT Project Management, and Design are among the more common paths, these are not the only ones. At the conference, I met a speaker who had a degree in Lunar Geography and another speaker who had a twenty year career in the military. I think the myriad of different backgrounds underscores the idea that the practice of change management is a set of skills to lead people through a change; it is applicable in every industry.

ACMP Member: Lisa Kempton
Most memorable session: Master Class: Leveraging Neuroleadership to Thrive and Embrace Change Presented by: Dr. Carlos Davidovich, Vice President, Executive Coaching and Neuromanagement, Optimum Talent

One of my takeaways from the events were these conference facts:

  • 1000 people participated (slightly less than in 2017). 50% were first-time attendees
  • 29 countries and 28 industries were represented
  • 487 companies were represented
  • 65% of participants work in Change Management as their full-time profession
  • There were 543 unique job titles for participants
  • The standard for Change Management has been downloaded 10,800 times!

The ACMP Vancouver Chapter would like to thank the above contributors for sharing their insights from the conference.

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