ACMP Conversations with Change Practitioners

Join Lisa Kempton and guest member co-host Bryony Harvey as they discuss Exploring Decision Framing in the context of Change Management.


Decision making is a fascinating science and in recent years, research by cognitive psychologists and behavioural economists have demonstrated that people make decisions in ways that do not conform to the principles of economic reason. Instead, they defer to systematic biases, in particular the way that decisions and options are Framed.

Essentially, Framing is the way that a decision or a choice is worded or structured. It can be framed with the intention to influence a decision-maker or framed to improve the decision-making process to produce a high-quality decision.

In this session, we will explore Framing in the context of decision making and what this means for Change Management.

Date & Time:

February 5th, 2021; 8am – 9am (Join at 7:45am for informal networking)

Please note that the Conversation with Change Practitioners series is a “member only” event.