CONVERSATIONS with Change Practitioners – Lisa Kempton, Facilitator

On October 2 we hosted our first  session of the “Conversations with Change Practitioners” monthly series (First Friday morning of each month).  15 practitioners joined Lisa Kempton in a conversation about their professional journey.  Using zoom and breakout sessions, participants had the opportunity to share ideas, connect, and expand their network.  We shared demographic data such as years of experience, job title, background and experience, and also explored a common question from new practitioners,   “How did you find your way into a change practitioner role?”.  Feedback from participants regarding the session was positive and ideas for future conversations were proposed.

Our second session is scheduled on November 6 from 8:00 – 9:00 am (join at 7:45 am for open networking).  Our topic this month is “Extending your reach with a change Agent Network”.  Change agent networks extend project support and build credibility through an engaged group of advocates. This conversation, inspired by ACMP Greater Vancouver member Lindsay MacDonald, will explore how to extend the reach of change management by clearly defining the role of the change agent network, enrolling people and preparing them to fulfill their role effectively.

NOTE:  The Conversation with Change Practitioners series is a “member only” event.  Invitations for these events will be sent directly from the ACMP Greater Vancouver calendar to ACMP Greater Vancouver Chapter members.