Writing the Certified Change Management Practitioner Exam

So, this week I did the CCMP exam…
ACMP is starting at new certification for change management practitioners. The CCMP has really been driven by our membership as a way to have an industry recognized certification. To read more about it, visit

I am in the test group of participants that are the first ever to go through the certification process. The steps were:

  • Meet work experience and education requirements
  • Meet professional applied education requirements
  • Complete essay questions
  • Write the exam!
What is my gut feel about how the test went? Well, I’m not sure… On one hand I work in change management every day – I think I must be able to pass this test. That said, the test is based on the ACMP Standard which is way more structured and linear than how my work ever seems to go. I find out mid-May if I managed to pass – I’ll keep you posted.
We will share more information on the certification and the application and exam process over the coming months. Please reach out through the contact form if you have any questions.