We are pleased to share that we will be launching our 2022 ACMP Vancouver Mentorship Program early next year, supporting our chapter goals of ‘Increase knowledge of Change management’ and ‘Deepen connections and networks with other change management practitioners’.

We are accepting applications from mentees with 1-5 years of experience who feel their change practice development and growth would benefit from individual connections with an advanced practitioner. If that sounds like you, please follow the link to find out more about the Expression of Interest process.

We are also seeking mentors with 7+ years of experience who would like to give back to the community while also learning from newer practitioners. The time commitment would be between 2-4 hours a month. If that sounds like you, please email

Anson Leung will be the program coordinator in 2022. Having enjoyed his mentorship role during the pilot phase, he will also be a program mentor again this year. In his own words…. “I am happy to continue the great work Steve did during the past year with the mentorship program. To me, this is an important program to give back to a community that has given so much to my professional career“.

During the pilot phase we had 4 mentees and they all said they would recommend the program to other ACMP Vancouver members, with one mentee sharing that “My experience with the program was excellent. My mentor was very supportive, flexible and was willing to discuss any topic that I needed advice on. Unlike workshops, the mentorship program provided me an opportunity to discuss specific change management questions with an experienced practitioner. Discussions with my mentor helped me to improve my overall understanding of change management”.

This is a great opportunity for mentors and mentees alike!

If you have any questions about the program, please email and will we make sure your questions get to Anson.