Tell us about yourself

I have been working in the field of Change Management for over a decade with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). As a Change Management Specialist, I provide consultation and support to leadership on implementing people, process and/or technology change that will focus on transforming our business to better serve our customers.  

Under ICBC’s Transformation Program, I led the overall change effort for the implementation of a new enterprise data warehouse and reporting products. I have also led the development and delivery of key strategies, assessments and plans to support the rollout and sustainment of the new claims management software system and associated technology changes, as well as upgrades to Microsoft Office products and operating system. I have also contributed to building a corporate culture of continuous improvement by supporting the implementation of Lean and Perform methodologies.

As a key member of the Change Management practice at ICBC, I continually strive to enhance our service offering, governance and tools to enable our leaders to be effective leaders of change.

Prior to this, I was a member of the Learning and Development team where I developed and delivered training assessments, courses and materials for both new hires and corporate projects. This experience was foundational to my current role of coach and enabler of change within the organization.

Born and raised in Vancouver, I am also a mother of two active kids.  
How did you get into Change Management?

My career so far has always focused on people, whether it be in customer service, a learning audience or stakeholders impacted by organizational change. The most rewarding part of any position I’ve held is enabling people to perform at their best and ensuring their needs are met.  

When ICBC began its business transformation journey, a critical need was identified that there be a dedicated team focused on managing the people side of change. Given my training experience and business knowledge, I was provided with the opportunity to join the growing Change Management practice. I am very fortunate to be part of team of talented professionals whom I have and continue to learn from every day.  
Why did you decide to join ACMP Vancouver?

My first experience with ACMP was the 2013 Change Connect Symposium in Oregon.  I had a memorable experience, and decided to attend the 2017 Regional Conference hosted in my hometown of Vancouver.   

As Change Management continues to evolve and mature, I want to remain current on emerging trends. Joining ACMP offers a variety of resources and provides great opportunities to network with others.   
What are you working on?

I’m currently working on several projects that focuses on improving our business capabilities, and the products and services we offer to our customers.  
Do you have any recommended change management books / resources to share?

Currently I find Prosci resources and tools helpful in guiding my assessment and planning for a change initiative. The ADKAR model is a clear and concise framework to convey to leaders of all levels on the need for and how to manage the people side of change.  
As a parent, I take pleasure in reading stories to my kids. I was pleasantly surprised to find the book Little Tree by Loren Long, which provides a simple and beautiful story of letting go of the old and embracing the future. It has allowed me to bring a little of what I do at work, and create a positive perspective with my kids that transition is normal and can offer new opportunities.