Tell us about yourself. I am a C

orporate Mentalist ™ who specializes in large scale Organizational Development in particular, Change Management. I have been doing change projects for over 28 years in various capacities and industries with profound results. I am an international best selling Author of “Permission to be You” and “The Corporate Soul” which are books about how we can leverage our self-awareness, self-realization and self-actualization into effective change transition in the workplace. I have hosted a television show with 52 episodes called, “Winds of Change with Jivi” and this show aired over 2 years with the essence of how to blend spirituality(self-awareness) into the workplace.

How did you get into Change Management? I had been working on a change management project in healthcare in the early 90s and came to realize that there was a lot of resistance around people desiring to change even when it meant a positive outcome for them. Given I had been a spiritual journey myself discovering the answer to who am I, I came to realize there was a direct correlation between who I think I am in the workplace and the transition I have to go through during change. If one was strong in their core essence of who their were, there was somewhat of a smoother transition however if one was in a place of vulnerability, the personal transition was more challenging. This fascination of human behavior led to my work in change management.

Why did you decide to join ACMP Vancouver? I wanted to attend the Toronto conference on Change so that I could be with like minded people and learn new tools and techniques, therefore became a member to network with other professionals in the field of change. Personal and Professional growth is very important to me so this forum is the perfect solution. Just as we expect our client’s to change, we ourselves need to evolve, grow and nurture each other as well.

What are you working on? I am currently developing a change management framework model that will be delivered to Entrepreneurs through an organizational workshop series when doing Strategic Planning. This model consolidates change management, effective communication, appreciative inquiry, quality improvement and the consulting process into one model and learning platform. These subjects generally go together but rarely do we see how they interlink with each other and are actually interdependent. Therefore this model will showcase the very unique relationships between these subject areas and yet provide a very realistic workshops series for Entrepreneurs to be able to implement it through an actionable plan that is customized to their business.

Do you have any recommended change management books / resources to share? Highly recommend Immunity to Change, Our Iceberg is melting and The Brain that changes itself