From top left, clockwise: Jennifer Coleman, Elisa Chavez,
Camille Rozon, Andrew Horlick, and Linda Mott

On June 14 the ACMP Greater Vancouver Chapter hosted our Annual ACMP Global Conference Recap & Knowledge Exchange session.  We invited some of the conference attendees from our local chapter to share their insights on sessions that they attended and to provide a forum to discuss the topics within break out groups.  Here is what they shared!

Top 8 Learnings
Jennifer Coleman kicked off the event with her Top 8 key learnings from all the sessions she attended.  She shared some fun insights from presenters like Banding People Together who did a roof raising session on collaboration styles of team members based on rock idols (Jennifer learned she is a “Jimmy Buffet” all the way!). She also shared a great summary of keynote speaker Lisa Earle Mcleod’s session on bringing a company’s purpose to life. Jennifer even let us know that if you’re nervous before a presentation you should “dance it off” (her version of Amy Cuddy’s Power Pose concept).  Check out all 8 insights here.

Stop the Madness
Andrew Horlick shared a great summary of Don Harrison’s session “Stop the Madness: Why System Optimization for Technology isn’t Achieved and What to Do About It”.  The breakout groups discussed two thought provoking questions:

  1. Does your organization have an installation mentality and if so, what are the consequences?
  2. What can you do to help your organization overcome an installation mentality.

Bust Your But
Elisa Chavez summarized a presentation from Prosci called Bust Your But: Build a Change Capable Organization Through Everyday Work that helped to dispel the reasons and excuses we make (your “buts”) to not building a change capable organization.  The session focused on exploring five categories of capability strategy—leadership, project, skill, structure, and process.  Elisa then dove into her discussion questions:  “What are you already doing?” and “What is your next micro-step?”

Lego Serious Play
Finally, Camille Rozon and Linda Mott co presented their summary of the session on Lego Serious Play “Are you Brave Enough to Play?” by Rob Oddi.  Lego Serious Play is facilitation methodology created by the LEGO Group in 2010. Its goal is fostering creative thinking through team building metaphors of their organizational identities and experiences using LEGO bricks.  Camille and Linda took the breakout session “discussion” to a whole new level as they facilitated groups though 15 min LEGO Serious Play mini-workshops to experience the technique first hand!

A big thank you to all of our presenters who graciously took the time to share their insights and hosted insightful knowledge sharing discussions with the ACMP Vancouver Chapter.