Why do you think a mentoring program is a good idea for ACMP Vancouver?

The ACMP Vancouver chapter has been evolving and maturing over recent years, focusing on governance, structure, member value, partnerships, community, and continuous learning. I see the mentorship program as part of this long-term maturity and the timing is right to offer a new growth opportunity for our practitioners.

What led you to volunteer as a mentor for the pilot program?

I previously served as an ACMP Vancouver board member and we had discussed the option of a mentorship program. It’s been a few years since I’ve been actively involved with the group and I wanted to reconnect with the local chapter. In addition, a lot of the consulting work I’m involved in is anchored around purpose. My personal purpose is to help others and give back to grow our change community.

What are you hoping to learn from being a mentor?

We all have the opportunity to share and learn from each other. As a mentor, this information flow isn’t from one direction. The mentor-mentee relationship allows me to build new connections, learn about how other organizations are dealing with change and understand what change activities are happening in the change management arena.