Tell us about yourself. 
I’m an independent change management consultant in the Greater Vancouver area and for the past eight years I have been helping clients improve their businesses through large IT transformational projects. Some of these clients include BC Hydro, The Government of Canada, UBC, Best Buy Canada, FortisBC and Suncor Energy.
How did you get into Change Management?
Prior to consulting, I worked in various roles, technologies and projects within the IT department for a Vancouver-based global company for almost 10 years. Through those roles, the constant pleasing factor for me was working with business stakeholders. This included gathering requirements, solution design, testing, communication, training, go-live and support. I was at my best working with business stakeholders to help solve business problems and, at the same time, being that bridge between the business and IT. When I realized there was this Change Management niche in the market, it was a perfect fit and natural transition for me. It was during this time that I started seeing the Change Management role become more formalized on large IT projects.
Why did you decide to join ACMP Vancouver?
I joined to learn from like-minded peers, discuss best practices and share ideas as to where things are going in our industry. The other big factor was to keep in touch with a network of practitioners who I’ve worked with before or may work with in the future. I really appreciate the efforts the ACMP board members put in to keep us all connected with the events and communications that are coordinated in this regard.
What are you working on?
I’m currently working on a Customer Relationship Management implementation (using Salesforce) at The University of British Columbia with the undergraduate student recruitment and admissions offices. This project will upgrade the processes and technologies used to engage prospective domestic and international students with UBC. UBC seeks to improve the prospect (mainly students in grades 10-12) experience and help them through the stressful journey and decision of where to go for their post-secondary education.
Do you have any recommended change management books / resources to share?
There are two books which are fundamental to my toolkit at work and home. They have been able to shake up what we have known as individuals in our day-to-day routines to even making a huge impact in our entire educational school system.
How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
Most of my time outside of work is spent driving my two daughters to and from their activities (piano, violin, dance, swim lessons, French tutoring, you name it!). I also enjoy taking in the simple pleasures of cooking, entertaining, sampling new Vancouver restaurants and travelling.

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