Membership Profile

Louise Steiner

Tell us about yourself?

I grew up in Nelson, a small community in the Kootenays surrounded by lakes and mountains with lots of outdoor activities.  Moving to Alberta was a stark contrast and so Vancouver seemed appealing in the 90’s with its endless Y2K opportunities and continuous growth in Information Technology (IT).  Bridging the gap between the business and IT and how change affects people, has always interested me.  Working with people to help make the transition easier, is what I enjoy.
How did you get into Change Management?
It seemed a natural progression with the implementation of ERP systems and the process improvement work I’d done in the past I saw a need in my organization and then enrolled in the Prosci certification, I’ve been an advocate ever since and utilize the networking opportunities and resources it offers.
What are you working on?
As an extension to the Prosci certification, I recently joined ACMP and have found the coffee chats invaluable for sharing ideas and networking, as most members have a wealth of experience already.   It’s great to get together with people that share similar interests.  With a major ERP implementation on the go, listening to the stories and experiences of others, gives me new ideas and tools to work with in my projects.
Do you have any recommended change management books or resources to share?
With everyone’s busy schedules, I like to keep my reading suggestions quick and easy with books like “Our Iceberg Is Melting”, “Who Moved My Cheese”, and “Employee’s Survival Guide to Change”.   On a personal level I enjoyed “Triggers, Creating Behaviors that Last”, it’s all about changing ourselves.
How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
I used to compete in sailing years ago and it was such a focused activity that I found I didn’t have time for the beauty of nature around me.   Now I stick to my roots of a love for the outdoors, so you will find me hiking up the local mountains, cycling, kayaking, or cross-country or back country skiing.  Each year I travel to a new place to enjoy the different cultures and surroundings, and learn about new foods and local music.  I try to bring back a good recipe and some type of music or instrument to share with family and friends.   Reading is my quiet time.