Making a Switch: Breaking through Barriers to Change

Join this online session with Becky Querido to explore ways to switch your thinking and actions to break through the barriers to change.

Constant change has become rampant in our workplaces. Even before the pandemic changed the way we work forever, workplaces had been struggling with change fatigue and burnout due to rapid technological change, increased competition, and shifting customer expectations, to name a few. Meanwhile, our personal lives have offered no safe haven from change with uncertainty looming in every choice made about our home, communities, family and personal wellbeing. Our world is rapidly changing, and there’s no signs of it slowing down, so how can we equip ourselves for this new norm of constant change?

To navigate the constant change around you, you need to start thinking and acting differently. You need to make a switch.

Based on the book ‘Switch’ by Chip and Dan Heath, in this interactive session you’ll learn why we find change so hard. We will explore some of the neurological reasons why you find yourself fatigued at the end of a workday, frustrated when your colleagues resist a rational positive change, or ashamed when you abandon that new exercise program only weeks into it. We will then reflect on ways that you can start to switch your thinking and actions to break through the barriers to change and ways in which you can apply these lessons to your change projects.

Learning Objectives:

During the session, participants will:

  • Explore some of the neurological reasons why change is hard
  • Reflect on ways they can switch their thinking and actions to break through barriers to change
  • Learn ways to apply these tips on your change projects to overcome obstacles encountered

Date and Time: March 21, 2023; 6:00pm – 7:00pm. Registration via Eventbrite here.

Pricing: Free for ACMP members; $25 + Tax for non-members

This virtual (Zoom) session is appropriate for all levels of change practitioners. Zoom details will be sent out via email closer to the event.

About your Event Host:

Becky is a facilitator, consultant and coach with Querida Leadership. She offers workshops and coaching for project professionals and change makers that want to power up their project leadership to increase team positivity and productivity, overcome change obstacles, and better navigate turbulence on their projects.

Her passion for coaching and facilitating conversations around project leadership have evolved in her twenty years of practice in human resources, change management, and project management. With a Masters of Arts in Leadership, training is systems coaching, disruptive design and Lean Six Sigma, and as a Prosci-certified PMP, Becky uses her strengths in connecting people, ideas and perspectives, creatively conveying vision and concepts, and finding opportunity in complexity to help others create positive lasting change.

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