Message from the Board

March 2016 – Linda Miller

It has been a busy period leading up to spring for the ACMP Vancouver Board. We are taking on a variety of new opportunities to strengthen the change management community locally and globally. One that I am very excited about is my new role as the Chair of the ACMP Global Technology Virtual Community – a pilot from which ACMP Global expects to understand the potential for an online community to provide a learning platform and peer-support for ACMP members.
There is also a new ACMP Health Care and Hospitals Virtual Community, and both communities were formed in response to the fall 2015 member survey that indicated a desire for online communities and support in specific subjects areas.  The ACMP Vancouver Chapter Board is very interested in how a global topic-based community can complement the benefits of our regionally-based community.
The ACMP Technology Virtual Community is open to non-members as well as ACMP members… To pique your interest, here is the description of the intent and purpose of the community:
Technology application is a key factor and often a driver in most organizational change. The leaders and specialists who implement technology have tremendous influence in the success of programs and projects that create desired change; their ability to help people transition through change is a critical, competitive advantage. This group is for people in all types of organizations who are professionals in technology, human resources, change management, executive leadership, and operations/service functions. We foster robust dialogue and knowledge exchange about technology change challenges, approaches, and remedies.
I welcome your feedback about these new communities – Join and share your knowledge and experience!