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In this workshop, you will get an introduction to Theory U and experience leadership and facilitation techniques coming from both Theory U and Transformational Presence that will support you in work, life and leadership.
At this interactive evening you will:
  • Open up to a paradigm shift when you work on your levels of listening
  • Wow yourself with new perspectives on your dilemma, using the 4 levels of engagement – without having to share the content
  • Get practical with designing your approach for stakeholder exploration or prototyping your ideas
    And more!

Job Postings

Senior Specialist, Change Management - First Nations Health Authority
As part of the large scale Technology and Resources Enabling Employees (T.R.E.E.) project, you will play a key role in ensuring the overall project meets its objectives by increasing employee adoption and engagement. You will work closely with the Director, HR Projects, Project Managers and the Senior Project Coordinator to ensure the successful integration of Change Management principles and deliverables into the sub-project management plans. You will focus on managing the people side of changes that are associated with impacts to business processes and systems. You will also provide direct support and coaching to managers as they help their teams through transitions.

Change Management Analyst - UBC, Integrated Renewal Program
Reporting to the Sr. CM Specialist, the CM Analyst role will support the Change Management initiatives within the Organizational Change Management Team by focusing on the increasing and enabling the adoption of new processes and technologies by taking a structured change management approach, composed of communication, engagement and training plans. To apply: If you have experience with change management and are interested in joining a multi-year program, please apply today by sending your resume directly to 

Change Management Consultant - Interior Health Authority
The Change Management Consultant provides specialized skills to support the successful execution of Interior Health's Change Initiatives. The Consultant interacts with Senior Leadership Teams, Portfolios, Programs and Operational and Corporate Support Leaders.

Webinar Recordings

Thanks to all who joined us for a discussion on change management, industry trends, employment opportunities, the ACMP® , as well as information about the new UBC Associate Certificate in Change Management.   Find the webinar recording here for those who weren't able to attend.